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Scrambled eggs with tomato

7 fresh eggs
5 ripe medium-sized tomatoes
125ml Salvation olive oil
1 pinch of sugar or ½ teaspoon of honey
Fine grained salt

Put 4 of the tomatoes through the coarse section of the grater, skin the one that is left over and dice it into small pieces. Boil the tomato pulp and the diced tomato over medium heat in a non-stick frying pan, together with the oil, a little salt, freshly ground pepper and the honey or sugar, until almost all the liquid has boiled off. Put the eggs into the pan with the tomatoes while beating them and adding salt and freshly ground pepper (they are not beaten for long). When the eggs start to set push them with a wide spatula from the edges of the pan to the centre, spreading out the tomato so that it goes everywhere. When the mixture has set completely, turn over with a spatula so that it is well-cooked.


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