Salvation early harvest olive oil

The oil extraction process

Salvation early harvest olive

The oil extraction process

Harvest with respect and the first drops

Salvation early harvest olive oil is a cold pressed extra virgin olive oil. This means that every single drop is filled with unparalleled flavour and superior nutrients.

The olive harvest always takes place at the early stages of growth, allowing the olives remain rich in phenols and antioxidants. During olive harvesting, we do our best to avoid damaging the fruit. That’s why we only use modern olive harvesting equipment with soft and flexible plastic ends, so that the olives remain intact and the olive trees are not harmed. The daily yield is placed on special ventilated pallets and the oil is cold pressed on the same day – no thermal processing is involved. This is how we obtain superior quality Mediterranean extra virgin olive oil that holds its delectable flavour and preserves it beneficial polyphenols.

Our dream is to share with the world our top-quality extra virgin olive oil and everything about it. Discover the standardization process for Salvation Olive Oil and the source of inspiration for its name.


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