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Greek olive oil varieties

The olive grove

Greek olive oil varieties

The olive grove

An ancient variety within a wondrous micro-bio-system

Mediterranean olive oil 100% from Mirtoelia (Myrtoelia) variety

Salvation extra virgin olive oil is amongst the premium Greek olive oil varieties and is exclusively produced by Mirtoelia or Mourtoelia. This is an ancient, yet not very common, Greek olive variety known for its unique nutritional value. It has been traditionally cultivated in the region of Laconia (Lakonia) and produces high quality extra virgin olive oil of Protected Geographical Indication.

Olive oil production in Laconia (Lakonia)

Salvation virgin olive oil is harvested on the exclusive initiative of the Apostolakis family, from the 1,800 olive trees grown in our family-owned estate, “Tryzea”; an estate yielding 10 tons of extra virgin olive oil annually.

With the aspiration to increase the production of Salvation olive oil, we cooperate with carefully selected local producers meeting our high-standards regarding cultivation methods, and whose estates share similar geographical specifications to ours.

“Tryzea” estate – Our olive grove in Laconia (Lakonia)

The olive fruit for the production of Salvation extra virgin olive oil is harvested from our very own “Tryzea” estate, which complies with certain specifications. In particular, our estate is located at the edge of the village of Metamorfosi, before the olive grove plains, on the foothills of Parnon, at an altitude of 120 metres. It rests on a South-facing slope, at the point where two mountains meet. Another special geographical feature is that the currents formed within the valley air out the entire estate, continuously and evenly, protecting the olive trees from diseases commonly spread in the lowlands as a result of humidity and frost.

Special features of Salvation olive oil producing estates in Laconia

The rare micro-biosystem within “Tryzea”, and the rest of the estates, gives Salvation olive oil its distinctive identity and refined taste. The altitude, the south planting orientation, the microclimate and the well-tended olive groves, along with the special features of the local Mirtoelia variety, provide the best organoleptic properties of this olive fruit variety.

All associated estates, stretch on hillsides (80-150 m. high) in the greater area of Monemvasia. Due to the high altitude of the slope, the temperature is higher in the winter, as cold air accumulates in the lowest parts of the valley, while in the summer the temperature rises. All associated properties selected for the cultivation of Mirtoelia are known for their rocky ground, which ensures effective draining of the soil. The microclimate within these estates is truly noteworthy, contributing to the balanced flavour of our Mediterranean extra virgin olive oil.

We use advanced oil-extraction processes to produce one of the most luscious Greek olive oil, 100% from the Mirtoelia variety. Find out about our harvesting and oil extraction methods.

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