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Extra virgin olive oil brands


Extra virgin olive oil brands


The journey towards the palate

When the precious oil of the year’s crop is ready, our sole concern is to come up with an exclusive end product: the superior-quality extra virgin olive oil you deserve to taste day after day. Our pledge to the consumers of Salvation olive oil is that we will always aspire to provide them with the finest extra virgin olive oil, excellent in all aspects.

Salvation extra virgin olive oil: elegant packaging for one of the newest Greek olive oil brands

Salvation is one of the brand-new extra virgin olive oil brands in Greece. The cultivation process as well as the oil production and standardization quantities are steady, ensuring a high-quality olive oil that offers high nutritional value and refined taste. It is bottled in 100 ml and 500 ml glass bottles, so that more of our friends can taste it.

The appropriate container was selected with both functionality and aesthetics in mind. The end product is sleek and simple, far from exaggerations and extremes. As Greek olive oil exporters, our priority is to sell high quality extra virgin olive oil that goes beyond fancy containers. Nevertheless, the packaging is undoubtedly elegant and recognisable. The exceptional shape of the bottle harmoniously combines a square base with a curved neck, reminding us that ultra-premium olive oil can only be produced when knowledge is paired with passion.

Salvation Olive Oil: an inspiring brand identity

The same goes for the label. Simple and unobtrusive, it contains every piece of information about the identity and features of the olive oil.

The pride we take in the result is condensed into one sole bright element: a simple olive leaf with its central vein curving to form an S, the first letter in Salvation.

The brand name Salvation was chosen by our family, and there are many reasons why. Most of all, it reminds us that olive oil can contribute a great deal to our health and overall quality of life.

All aspects of our visual identity were created by the award-winning designer Evangelos Kassevitis.

Greek olive oil distribution and exports

At present, we are the sole distributors and exporters of Salvation olive oil. Our goal is to make it available for anyone – in any part of the world – who wishes to taste extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality, the core of the world-renowned Mediterranean diet.

Find out more about the unparalleled taste of Salvation extra virgin olive oil.

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