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A new extra virgin olive oil from Laconia, which… “saves” people!

A brand new extra virgin olive oil, “Salvation Olive Oil”, has just entered the Greek market in limited quantities and has been exploring markets abroad. Produced in Laconia (in the area of Monemvasia) by the Apostolakis family, it is the product of its long-lasting relationship with the olive cultivation and olive oil production, which has lasted for six generations. “Salvation Olive Oil” is produced exclusively by Mirtoelia olives, a relatively unknown and ancient olive variety, native to Greece, renowned for its high nutritious value. When released, “Salvation Olive Oil” was awarded a silver medal at Athena International Olive Oil Competition 2019, which is the only international olive oil competition in Greece, while Kyriakos, representing the newest generation of the Apostolakis family, was the youngest olive oil producer to have received this distinction.

The whole “Salvation Olive Oil” project stems from Kyriakos Apostolakis’s desire to share the produce of his family, and Laconian, land with the rest of the world. The name was chosen symbolically and in honor of Kyriako’s father, Sotiris, whose name can be roughly translated as “Salvation”. Amongst many other things, “Salvation Olive Oil” is appreciated for its ability to “save” any culinary dish, as well as its contribution to one’s nutritional needs.

Organolepticly speaking, this perfectly pure, fruity and spicy extra virgin olive oil has a mostly fresh (bitter) rather than mature character. Its complex aromas are very well balanced, while those of freshly cut grass, olive leaves, fresh herbs, artichoke and spices are more dominant.

“Salvation Olive Oil” is a cold pressed extra virgin olive oil, but its production takes place with the warmest love of its olive-growing family. A family dedicated to the olives of its own olive groves, of which it takes care of on a systematic basis, using scientific methods, showing professionalism and respect for the environment: from cultivation and harvesting to extracting and eventually bottling its olive oil in an elegant and inspirationally designed bottle (label and logo by the award-winning creative office of Vangelis Kassavetis).

JUNE 20, 2019

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