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Fried eggs

2 large fresh eggs
50-75ml Salvation olive oil
Salt (fine and coarse)
2 toasted slices of bread
Cherry tomatoes
Dried oregano

In a non-stick 28cm frying pan heat the olive oil over medium to strong heat so that it doesn’t burn. Break the eggs and carefully put them into the pan, so that the yolk does not break. When the whites start to take colour, reduce the heat to medium. Spoon the hot olive oil over the whites until they set, but not over the yolks, so that they stay runny. When the whites start to go hard the eggs are ready. Use a spatula to put them on the toasted bread, which has been sprinkled with a little olive oil. Sprinkle with salt and pepper (fine salt and freshly ground pepper) and garnish the plate with a few cherry tomatoes, cut in half, sprinkled with coarse grained salt, oregano and a little olive oil.


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