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Discover Salvation EVOO from Monemvasia

Greece treasures her ruins, as a reminder of greatness and majesty. The mystery of the ancient world shines across the country in cities as in remote mountains, in what is left in marble. There are many connotations to the symbol of ruins – in recent history too. But as the ruin reminds us of loss, every yin has a yang. To the symbol of ruin, there is also a symbol of salvation, that is the Olive fruit. This is why the Apostolakis family named their Extra Virgin Olive Oil Salvation.

The Apostolakis family comes from the village of Metamorfosi, located in the Municipality of Monemvasia, Laconia (Peloponnese), where their ancestors put down roots alongside the olive trees that stand today. Their eternal bodies endure, recording the present moment while playing a distant memory of an unbreakable and timeless bond between the family and the olive trees. Salvation olive oil is harvested on the initiative of the family, from the 1.800 olive trees grown in their family-owned “Tryzea” estate; yielding 10 tons of extra virgin olive oil per year. The region has a wonderful micro-bio-system for harvesting.

The “Tryzea” estate, is located at the edge of the village of Metamorfosi, before the olive grove plains, on the foothills of Parnon, at an altitude of 120 meters. It rests on a south-facing slope, at the point where two mountains meet. There, winds form a current within the valley, continuously and evenly blowing, protecting the olive trees from diseases commonly spread in the lowlands as a result of humidity and frost. Atop the hillsides, the temperature is higher in the winter, as cold air accumulates in the lowest parts of the valley, while in the summer the temperature rises. Also, the properties selected for the cultivation of Mirtoelia variety are known for their rocky ground, which ensures effective draining of the soil. The microclimate within these estates is truly noteworthy, contributing to the balanced properties of the Salvation Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Today, Kiriakos is the 6th generation of producer, developing the work of previous generations with ultimate respect to nature’s gifts. He cultivates the rare Mirtoelia olive variety. The perfectly balanced flavor and great nutritional value is honed through the process of extraction.

Harvest with respect and the first drops

Salvation early harvest olive oil is a cold extracted extra virgin olive oil. This means that every single drop offers unparalleled flavour and superior nutrients. The olive harvest always takes place at the early stages of the olive growth, allowing the olives to maintain their rich content in beneficil phenols (antioxidants.) A careful harvesting of the fruits is important to avoid any damages. They use only modern olive harvesting equipment with soft and flexible plastic ends, so that the olives remain intact and the olive trees are not harmed. The daily yield is placed on special open containers and the olives canbreath and they are cold extracted the same day – no thermal processing is involved. The careful handling and processing of the olive fruits guarantee the productionof a superior quality extra virgin olive oil that is not only highly nutritious but also impresses even the most demanding palates with its unparalleled flavor.

An intense fruity and floral aroma with notes of freshly-cut grass, olive leaves, tomato, fresh herbs, artichokes and spices make this a provocative and refreshingly bitter experience for the taste buds. As we know, bitterness and pungency are a clear sign of the high phenolic content.

Mirtoelia is an ancient, yet not very common, Greek olive variety – known for its unique nutritional value. It is categorized under Protected Geographical Indication. As such, Salvation EVOO has a protected geographical indication (PGI) certification.

A delightful splash of Mediterranean extra virgin olive oil to be savored in your culinary creations. If you are fond of traditional Greek dishes with extra virgin olive oil, you are bound to adore recipes with Salvation, which is among the best olive oil varieties for cooking. From tempting appetizers and delicious quick meals to Greek meze plates and hearty main dishes, Salvation is perfect for salads, sauté dishes, or even frying. And don’t forget the your breakfast dishes and desserts!

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